Dear fencers and friends of fencing,


It is an honour for me to greet you on behalf of the EFC. At the last EFC Congress in Plovdiv, our organisation adopted a new strategic plan for its development and thus embarked on the general course of other Olympic sports, which is to become a modern, successful and dynamically developing sport of the twenty-first century.


In my opinion, fencing is half sport and half art; it is a lifestyle and a bridge between the oldest sporting traditions and the modern way of life of young people. The EFC COMEX has undertaken to implement all necessary steps so that this ideal can become a reality. We want to return our continent to its position as a leader among the family of continents. We want to actively influence the reforms that are necessary for fencing and for our entire movement and to bring them to life in cooperation with the FIE.


I hereby call on everyone with a passion for fencing, both professionals and amateurs, who wants to dedicate their free time to formulating and implementing our ideas to voice their opinions openly and loudly! This will be of great assistance to us, because the EFC wants to hear these diverse views and to work with them.  


I wish you much happiness and sporting success, and I look forward to meeting with you.


František Janda

President of the EFC