Results of Elections 2005
Results of the Elections at the Congress in Zalaegerszeg/Hungary
2nd july 2005
All 44 European federations were present, either by their presidents personally or by proxies,   
1 proxy was not accepted due to missing payment.
For the presidency there were only 2 candidates left, as Mr. Kamuti had withdrawn.
Keith SMITH             GBR 18 votes
Alicher USMANOV     RUS 25 votes
The new president of the European Confederation is thus Mr. Alicher Usmanov (RUS)
The election of the Executive Committee followed afterwards and the results are as follows in  
order of the received votes. The top 9 candidates were elected out of 15.
The congress had before accepted with a majority the delayed candidacies of Mr. Cuomo
and Mr. Paramonov.
1. PARAMONOV, Maxim UKR 31 votes
2. CUOMO, Sandro ITA 29 "
3. SMITH, Keith GBR 27 "
4. GEUTER, Max GER 26 "
5. van de FLIER, Bert NED 25 "
6. McGARRITY, Nuala IRL 24 "
7. KAMUTI, Jenö HUN 24 "
8. SENER, Halim TUR 23 "
9. GRIGORYAN, Armen ARM 21 "
10. ZIDARU, Octavian ROM 19 "
11. BOISSE, Phillippe FRA 18 "
12. LISEWSKI, Adam POL 17 "
13. JÖRGENSEN, Normann DAN 15 "
14. SHKLAR, Vladimir ISR 11 "
15. NOTTER, Hans SUI 5 "
After these elections the COMEX came together and voted for its Bureau.
First Vice President Jenö KAMUTI
Vice President Keith SMITH
Secretary General Max GEUTER
Treasurer Bert van de FLIER
The Bureau of the EFC/CEE thus consists of the President, Alichaer Usmanov, and above 
four persons. 
At the same meeting the presidents of the following commissions were elected:
Competitions Sandro CUOMO
Veterans Max GEUTER
Promotion Maxim PARAMONOV
Referees Keith SMITH
Training and coaches Jenö KAMUTI
A first meeting is planned for the end of July/2005